For your safety and the safety and consideration of all those little creatures that reside below those rocks we have included some instructions and safety notes for you to consider.

These are from the Negativa and Wanderin’ Weeta blogs as well as our own suggestions…


If you’re joining in for the first time, here’s a quick rundown of the procedure.

  • On or about the 2nd Sunday in September (the 14th in 2014), find your rock or rocks and flip it/them over.
  • Record what you find. “Any and all forms of documentation are welcome: still photos, video, sketches, prose, or poetry.”
  • Replace the rock as you found it; it’s someone’s home.
  • Post on your blog, our Facebook page, or here or load your photos to the Flickr group. (Even if you don’t have a blog, you can join.)

Important Safety Precautions:

Be cautious when you flip over the rocks. Not only do you want to prevent slamming your fingers in between any rocks, you probably don’t want any surprises from poisonous snakes or insects. Use caution and dress appropriately. If you live in an area where there are poisonous animals, use a stick to flip the rock from a distance or wear heavy gloves.

About Respect and Consideration:

The animals we find under rocks are at home; they rest there, sleep there, raise their families there. Then we come along and take off the roof, so please remember to replace it carefully. Try not to squish the residents; move them aside if they’re big enough; they’ll run back as soon as their rock is back in place.