Rock Flipping Day was started by Dave Bonta and Bev Wigney in 2007 as a comment on the Negativa Blog found at

After a few years of hosting this event, encouraging people to get out and flip some rocks over to explore nature, the reigns were passed on to Susannah Anderson and the Wanderin’ Weeta Blog where it has been going strong. OK… we’ll forgive her for forgetting about the day in 2013. We all make mistakes.

In 2010, Wild Spirit Education’s Executive Director, Paul Fehringer, stumbled upon the day and began the organizations participation. Wild Spirit advertised the day on their website and held walks to encourage participation. Being a “get out and explore nature” type of organization, IRFD was a perfect fit.

After four years of participation and watching the day only advertised through a few blogs, Wild Spirit decided to get the day more publicity by creating a Facebook page and this website.

What does the future hold for IRFD? We’ll have to wait and see, but hopefully it will become an international holiday in the future. For now… get out and explore the hidden world beneath those rocks on the 2nd Sunday in September… and every other day too.